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We will be driving a 2010 5-door Renault Clio Dynamique. It has a 1.5L diesel engine giving it better fuel economy

A very important feature of the Clio is its green factor.The CO2 emissions for the Clio measure 115 g/m which puts it in the second best category for emissions.

A Little Bit of History Leading to the New Renault Clio

Originally a replacement for the Renault 5, the Renault Clio has seen us through Papa and Nicole and Thierry Henry and collected two European Car of the Year titles. The Renault Clio II arrived in 1998 and 2005 saw the launch of the Clio III and now, with a slight change in nomenclature, we have the Renault Clio 2009.

Although much the same car, in terms of drive-ability and comfort, the new Renault Clio now features a new front end with a similar ‘face’ to the new Renault Megane. The redesigned front air intake with its ‘grid’ mesh grille is one of the most noticeable differences and the front lights have seen some changes too, with outer contours that point towards the low-slung grille. Some of the trim levels have black surrounds to the headlights, giving a more purposeful look and all new Renault Clios now come with fog-lights.

When viewed from the side, the improved streamlining and extra length are evident. Although it is only 41mm longer than its predecessor it does make a difference to the overall look, as do the new-design, 16-inch wheels.

More changes have taken place at the rear of the car and while it retains a broadness around the hips, the waistline seems to be lengthened by new rear light clusters. Below, the bumper has seen a makeover and the reversing and fog-lights have been positioned lower and wider than before.

Inside, the Renault Clio retains its sense of quiet fun. New fabrics on the seats and easier controls are the order of the day. For instance, the cruise control and speed-limiter, where fitted, has been moved to the tunnel console, alongside the parking brake, whilst elsewhere the steering wheel-mounted stalks have been shortened.

The nicely rounded fascia is finished in soft-touch material from the mid-range, Dynamique, upwards and although quite plain, it works well with the rest of the interior. There is nothing ‘fussy’ about the Renault Clio – the car simply has a style that you can live with. The Renault Clio is deceptively spacious in terms of headroom and the rear occupants of the 3-door version have a fraction more shoulder room than those in the 5-door. Legroom in the back is adequate and able to accommodate adults.

The Renault Clio Dynamique has been given a 5star NCAP safety rating.

Why is this important?

NCAP stands for National Car Assessment Programme. This involves testing the safety of individual car models. Car models are legally obliged to pass particular safety tests before they can go on sale.

The role of Euro NCAP is to persuade car manufacturers to go beyond these minimum safety requirements to make cars safer to drive. They also provide car buyers with significant information to help them choose the best car. Euro NCAP has a vital role in improving car safety. Improvements have contributed to a decrease in the number of fatal road deaths in the last decade.

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